New Year, New Me

You honestly do not need the  first of January to change old habits or your character. This is just the begining of a different calendar month and year but change really can just happen at any time that you decide on changing. I guess it is easier to start on a clean slate together with the calendar year but how often do people keep up with this 1st of January craze?
 I miss writing and blogging most times and I have figured that if I do not physically and consciously challenge myself I begin to neglect my outlet and hence I begin to lose myself. So here goes another personal challenge for the next 31 days…get ready for a blog a day. September 2017 was a great month for me. It was as if I found purpose and fulfilled one of the reasons I was born for. The Blogtember challenge really challenged me and revived my passion for writing.

If you are a first of January person, my thoughts and opinions are that find something that excites you and do it. Something that ignites the fire in you, something that you are passionate about. Even if you are not a new year, new me person, find your passion and keep it alive. If you love collecting stamps, maybe you enjoy site seeing, or maybe it is volunteering; find it and do it.

Often society suppresses our passions by underestimating them, don’t dim your light…allow yourself to flourish.

I wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2018. May it be filled with passion and excitement.