30 Days to 30; Weird things I do when I am alone #day30

The countdown continues. But just that now it goes a notch higher. With 30days to go, I am so ready for everything that the 30s have to offer. Many people wonder why May4 is such a big deal, and also wonder why I am excited to age. Well, you will soon find out. But bottom line, celebrate it or not, you are getting older.

I generally am considered weird by most of my friends and family, so I guess I do more weird things in public then even more in private. I talk to myself often #weird. I enjoy my own conversations and I tend to answer a lot of my own questions. When I drive alone the conversations get deeper, and I often continue with these conversations when I get out to open the gate. I am so sure those that hear me think I actually have someone else in the car. My partner thinks out loud and talks to himself often. I always laugh at him but he doesn’t know that I talk to myself when alone too. #laughs. Here are a few of the reasons why I talk to myself, you will understand after this.

I turn 30 in 30 days, join and enjoy the countdown.





Besides talking to myself, I also scratch my bum and I take imaginary alcoholic shots 😆.

Enjoy conversations with yourself, how do you expect others to enjoy conversations with you if you don’t- Tinashe Madamombe (2018)