29 Days to 30; Changes

What has changed about me in the past 2 years? That’s what this post is about today. I sometimes used to think my sister was faking her eyesight or lack thereof when she spoke about failing to see someone that was just a few meters away from her. She could recognize it was a person but who it was she could never tell. 2 years ago #bang, genetic and karma bit me in the behind. It feels like it just happened. I didn’t see it coming. It’s like I could see perfectly today, then the next day I couldn’t, just like that.

I however only got glasses this year and now I am singing ‘I can see clearly now…’. But funny thing is even though my eyesight had become bad it isn’t that which got me to the optician but the migraines. If the migraines had not intensified, I am not sure if 2 years was as long as I would have stayed without bothering to get checked out. It is important to take care of yourself and your body, it’s the only place you will live in for your whole life.

I had literally become a druggy. The last 5weeks before getting glasses I felt like i was dying. I was literally surviving on pain killer. I’d take a dose every 4 hours but the migraines would not go away. I couldn’t actually remember what it felt like to be normal and not constantly feel pain. It really made me appreciate good health, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. And people should stop assuming that a headache and migraine are the same thing; stop telling people to drink more water. It’s not about the water, it goes deeper than that.

The past 2 years have also changed how I see things (not physically). I now can pin point what makes me happy and do the most of that. Quiet often people know what they do not like or what pisses them off but we focus on the negative so much that we do not take time to determine what it is that makes us happy; flip the coin and focus on the positive. My last 2 birthdays have been celebrated doing something I am passionate about. I have decided to share my cake and birthday with little boys and girls that may never get the chance to celebrate birthdays the way I was blessed enough to growing up. The past 2 birthdays have been some of the greatest memories.

So much can change in 2 years, but even as people grow apart, seasons change; some things also remain constant. What has remained constant in your life?



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