28 days to 30; What I wear to bed

So every time I decide to sleep naked I cannot help but remember that story of a fire that broke out at a house in the night and the occupants had to run out naked. #laughs.

It reminds me of 1 time in Maine when the fire alarm went off around 3am and we all had to leave the building. It was such a cold day outside, but because the heating system inside was really warm all I had on was a t-shirt. Now imagine waking up from a deep sleep at 3am to a fire alarm. All I managed to grab was my dressing gown and wore my morning sleepers. People wear the weirdest things to bed though, no one was laughing at anyone because we all looked some type of way.

What do you wear to bed? And why?




2 thoughts on “28 days to 30; What I wear to bed

  1. You jus took me back to the time when I was also trapped in a building(fire broke out),top floor…atleast I was wearing something decent-ish…but when it happens whether you go to bed naked/ wearing hammer pants or whatever, you won’t be worried who sees you wearing your birthday suit or the fashion police criticing your sleeping attire is the least of your worries at the time when you are fighting for your life…you continue to inspire me,good read.

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