It is Finished #Blogtember

Day 30 of 30. I guess I can call myself a blogger now right? 

It has been a great journey. Not only have I enjoyed the tough experience but it has also reaffirmed that I enjoy writing, especially documenting women’s stories. Reading from other bloggers also opened my mind to different ways of thinking. Being part of the bloggers chat group introduced me to a space of respect and good conversation. Nothing is more enjoyable than knowing you can share your views and opinions freely with no judgement and also having an open minded conversation.

Wait…My blog followers and readership also increased. Woop woop. The scariest thing when you share what you have written is having to face the criticism. Not everyone enjoys hearing a different pespective. The joys of not agreeing with what someone else thinks is the respect that comes with it. Knowing you can share your thoughts and opinions but having people that can respect the difference in thoughts is a healthy environment. 
Wow, add the role of my accountability partner. I had days I did not want to blog but he would not let me. I’d often get the “we are waiting for today’s read”. I’d hear that more than I’d have wanted to. But it got me writing. 

What next? October  is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I will be documenting stories from young women cancer survivors, those who have cancer and those that have taken care of loved ones with cancer or those that have lost a loved one to cancer. The voice of young women is important to document in history (herstory), not only for later reference but because these stories may help someone going through the same or a similar experience. Watch the blog and other spaces for these and other stories.


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